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How Can Nature help you reduce stress?

According to research just 20 min of contact with nature will decrease stress hormones levels and even the visual aspects of it can help soothing the negative thoughts in our brain. Being exposed to forests can boost our immune system as the fresh air that we breathe in contains chemicals with antibacterial and antifungal qualities. Those chemical help plants fight disease and they also increase a type of our white blood cells that kills tumour and virus infected cells in our bodies. So, even simple activities like reading at the park or walking in nature can have significant benefits to our health.

How can we connect with nature even when we live in the city?

Most of us live in cities and nature is not always around us. It is indeed difficult to assort ourselves from the urban lifestyle and get to greener places. Our stressful lifestyle, the demands of the ever changing working conditions and the social media addiction claim for a moment of quietness and peacefulness. So, what can we do to achieve this?

Visit the Closest Park

You can start slow. Go to the park close to your house or close to your job. Even if it is a small one. Starting to get some contact with nature is important. You will see that, with time, you will not only appreciate the time you spend in nature but you will also feel more relaxed. You can visit one of the numerous National parks in Ireland. They have breathtaking views and beautiful scenery, and they are also a boost for your mood.

Improve Mood and Self-esteem with Green Exercise

According to research, green exercise can elevate our self-esteem and boost our mood to an extent that it can improve our overall mental health. Explore hiking trails on the weekends, do open-air yoga classes or take your dusty bike for a ride at the park.

Exercise, nature and socially interactive-based initiatives improve mood and self-esteem

You can take a morning walk at the park instead of going to the gym or you can organise a picnic in the countryside. All of this is easier than you think, and the result is well worth it. What are you waiting for?


Try gardening for less stress

Gardening can help reducing stress and anxiety but it can also elevate positive emotions. Start small by choosing the space you can use for your plants and see how much time you need to spend to maintain the garden.

Improve your creativity and problem-solving by being in nature

Are you finding it difficult to come up with ideas and be more creative? Maybe you need to be more exposed to a greener environment. Studies suggest that the nature experience can trigger mind wandering that reinforces the association of new ideas.

Watch Nature Documentaries to Increase Positive Emotions

Even the simplest connection to nature that can be achieved by watching nature shows can have a significant benefit to your emotions & feelings. Watching nature shows can decrease negative emotions and boost positive ones.

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