Author: Anna Dimou

How to Prepare your Home before a Storm

Home Insurance, Trending

Wet, windy, and unpredictable weather can cause different types of damage. Storms can damage your roof, loft, gutters, aerials and more....

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Top Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Van Running

Safety, Trending, Van Insurance

1. Tyres One of the most essential parts of van maintenance is your van’s tyres. Tyres need to be regularly checked, especially...

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Telematics Insurance – What you Need to Know

Car Insurance, Trending, Young Drivers

Telematics is a combination of two words: telecommunications, and informatics. So, it refers to the technology of sending, receiving, and...

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5 ways to tackle Screen Fatigue

Featured, Trending, Wellness

1. Adjust your Workstation Screen fatigue or computer vision syndrome can be a result of poor posture. Adjust your chair and desk area so...

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No Claim Bonus: All you Need to Know

Car Insurance, Featured, Trending

What is a No Claims Bonus? A no claims bonus is the discount you earn for every year you are insured and do not make a claim on your...

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Digital Detox: 5 Ways to Spend your Time Offline (Info-graphic)

Trending, Wellness

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused digital media consumption to increase in countries across the globe. Social media usage showed an increase...

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