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10 Best Halloween Tips to Stay Safe

Halloween is one of the times of the year that we all want to have fun and enjoy. How can we be sure though that we make Halloween a worry – free holiday?

1. Fire Hazards

Fire Hazards are very common during the Halloween period. Make sure to use costumes, wigs, masks and other accessories that are fire resistant – check their label as all fire resistant items are labelled. The Great Manchester Fire & Rescue Service in the UK produced the below video to show the dangers that a simple Halloween costume could hold.

Great Manchester Fire & Rescue Service

2. Be proactive for potential injuries

There are many ways that children can hurt themselves, but during Halloween, the most common way that a child could get hurt would be Pumpkin Carving. Make sure your kids use only plastic and flexible tools to carve pumpkins. Avoid sharp objects as knives, scissors etc.

3. Allergies

Eggs, milk, fish, shellfish, wheat, soy, peanuts and tree nuts account for about 90% of all allergic reactions. Many sweets and candies should be off limit to children, as they may contain one or more of the top allergens. Always check the ingredients and go for the safer and healthier options. 

4. Contact Lenses

Did you decide to use contact lenses so you can make your outfit – costume even scarier and more impressive? Did you go online to find cheaper options? Before you go ahead with any purchase, think again! This type of lenses may contain chemicals as chlorine, iron and others. These chemicals can create infections that could damage vision and cause blindness. Read more about the case of a Irish woman whose Halloween contact lenses caused her blindness.  

5. Toxic Make Up & Face Paint

Make sure that you check the ingredients of your make up and face paint products. Always check if your skin reacts to them before you start to normally use them. Don’t forget to check the EU Open Data Portal’s database of Cosmetic ingredients and colorants allowed in cosmetic products inside the EU.  

6. Explain the dangers to your children 

Speak to your children and give them a detailed explanation on the dangers and surprises that Halloween costumes, contact lenses, make up, face paint but also food products could potentially hold.  

 7. Driving

Stats are clear. Halloween is a dangerous night for pedestrians and drivers. Make sure you don’t drink when you drive and advise your children to use visible colors on their clothing so they can be clearly seen in poor – lighted areas.  

8. Be Sustainable

Avoiding chemical aerosols that are bad for the environment and highly flammable, using organic candies instead of GMO candies, going reusable on costumes and accessories but also using cruelty – free make up and face paint are only a few of the ways you can be sustainable during Halloween.  Don’t forget to buy your pumpkin from a local producer.

9. Diet

Halloween can be challenging for adults too, especially because of our diet choices. Lots of us indulge in unhealthy snacks, sweets, desserts and junk food during the holiday. Try to maintain a balanced diet by checking out Cooking Light Magazine list of Halloween inspired healthy recipes.

10. Deadly snacks for pets

Chocolate, raisins, bread, nuts and dairy products can all be dangerous for your dog. Make sure to keep them out of their sight.

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