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8 Helpful Kitchen Safety Hacks


Your kitchen could become the most dangerous room in your house if you are not careful enough. Most accidents in the kitchen happen when you least expect it and when the kitchen is busy. That’s why we have put together a list of a few must-know safety tips that will help you and your family to stay out of harm’s way and make your kitchen a safer place.

1.    Turn handles over the stove

When you are cooking with anything that has a handle like pots, pans etc. make sure the handles are not hanging over the edge and that they are turned inwards. If they are turned inwards, you prevent children from pulling or accidentally hitting the hot pot or pan on top of themselves or onto the floor.

2.    Secure your cabinets

Make sure your cabinets are child proof so your cabinet doors remain closed and kids can’t take out breakable objects or chemicals.

3.    Cover your sockets

Cover unused or uncovered sockets near the floor as they can cause an accident. Never leave sockets uncovered as they can cause electrical injuries to children. Use socket covers or duct tape to cover the sockets.

4.    Use place-mats instead of tablecloths

If you have young children in your house, place-mats would be a better option than tablecloths. It’s a better option as it makes sure children don’t accidentally pull a tablecloth off the table causing knives and dishes to fall on top of them. Use place-mats with silicone at the bottom of it to reduce sips.

5.    Use baking soda to put out a grease fire

If the grease fire is in a pan place a lid on the pan using an oven mitt and remove the pan from the heat source. If you’re not able to cover the grease fire, use baking soda. Also never use flour or water to put a grease fire out because that will cause the grease and fire to spread. If the fire can’t be put out safely, use a fire extinguisher.

6.    Don’t open the oven door if there’s a fire

One of the best ways to put out an oven fire is keeping the door closed and turning it off as it suffocates the fire and puts it out. But if it continues to burn call the fire brigade. To prevent oven fires clean the crumbs and spilled food.

7.    Make sure your smoke detectors are working

Make sure your smoke detectors are working by testing it every 1-2 months and changing its batteries when a flashing light appears or when the alarm chirps to let you know the battery is low.

8.    Never leave food unattended

Never leave food unattended as it can start a fire. Don’t leave anything that can melt or catch on fire beside a stove when it is on or off. Things you shouldn’t leave beside the stove for example are towels and paper.

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