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Pension Planning

How do you plan to fund your retirement? Going from being employed to retired will be a big change. However, your earned income will cease once you retire – how will you afford all the things you have become accustomed to and also how will you afford all the things you have been planning to do once you retire?

It is never too late (or early!) to set up a pension! Starting a pension is one of the wisest decisions you will ever make.

Another big advantage of setting up a pension is the tax relief you can earn on your contributions. Contact First Ireland Financial Services today to start your funding for your ‘Future Fun’ Fund!

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations 2019:
First Ireland do not currently consider sustainability risks such as environmental, social, and governance when providing advice on which Insurance Based Investment Product (IBIP) and/or Pension Product is most suitable to meet your needs. The Provider's documentation will set out if and how they consider such factors. First Ireland will review this position on an annual basis and update our Terms of Business and Website accordingly.

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Pensions & Retirement Products


Pension Currently in Place

Do your current pension contributions reflect the level of income you require in retirement? How can you be sure that you are getting the best value under your current arrangement? Contact us today to arrange a review with one of our Financial Advisors.

We offer information on pensions for individuals, employees, self-employed and company schemes. Contact First Ireland Financial Services today to arrange a review of your current pension plan.


Pension for Company Directors

We specialise in advising SME Company Directors on pension funding. For Company Directors, pension funding is one of the most effective ways of moving funds from the business into your personal name.

You can transfer company profits into a fund that grows tax free for your personal benefit. Contact First Ireland Financial Services today to see how we can help you as a Company Director to plan for your retirement.

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