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Family pets are a part of your way of life, your companions, guardians and best friends. Just like any loved one or family member, they can fall ill or become injured. You should be aware of the dangers your pet can come across and the financial strain it can put on you.

From unexpected illnesses and/or accidents, your pet and your pocket will benefit from our Pet Insurance Cover - Protection for your Pet is peace of mind for you!

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Third Party Liability

If your pet accidentally cause damage to property or injure to another person, you may be facing expensive legal fees.

Veterinary Bills

We make sure that your pet is always healthy and strong.

Kennel & Cattery Fees

You don’t need to worry about your pet while you are away.

Holiday Cancellation

We have uncomplicated choices - choose one that best covers your pet. We cover hooliday cancellation and also “lost & found ads”.

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