Great value car insurance and Exclusive Discounts with First Ireland Young Driver Insurance

We know it’s expensive for young drivers to get on the road, what with the cost of buying your first car, taxing it and paying for car insurance. Here, at First Ireland, we aim to get you on the road as cheaply as possible.

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Car insurance for Young Drivers

If you’re under the age of 25 and looking for first time car insurance, or if you have a few years driving experience under your belt, then we’ve got young driver insurance options to suit your needs!

the Experts

Arranging motor insurance can be tricky, particularly if it’s your first time. So let us do the leg work - we’ll compare insurance quotes for young drivers from 17 insurers to find you our best deal.

New Driver

At First Ireland, we’ve negotiated discounts for first time drivers aged 17 – 24 from our select panel of insurers. First time drivers who complete a course of 10+ lessons with a driving instructor insured with First Ireland are entitled to our exclusive DRIVEFirst discount!

Car Insurance
for Young Drivers

Great value car insurance deals for young drivers with a full licence or learner permit with and without driving experience. Choose from either our standard car insurance option or our telematics package to get our cheapest young driver insurance deal.

First Ireland
Telematics Insurance

Our policy caters for young drivers aged 18 - 24 and delivers the benefit of competitive premiums whilst promoting safer driving. Our telematics insurance also falls under our Drivefirst program and qualifies for our exclusive Discount

Motor Rescue
as Standard

Roadside Assistance, Homestart and Puncture Assistance are included with all First Ireland Young Driver Policies. Be safe in the knowledge we’re only a phone call away if you need help 365 days of the year

First Ireland

Spread the expense of your insurance premium with First Ireland Finance flexible payment options.

We will be more than happy to answer any questions or assist you to arrange your insurance.
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What is DRIVEFirst ?

    What do I do?
  • Sign up for 10+ lessons with a First Ireland Insured Driving Instructor. Call our DriveFirst team for your personal insurance quotation - mention the program - and we’ll negotiate your discount for you!

    How does it work?
  • At First Ireland, we’ve negotiated discounts for first time drivers from our select panel of insurers. First time drivers who complete a course of 10+ lessons with a driving instructor insured with First Ireland are entitled to our exclusive DRIVEFirst discount. Just send us on your "Certificate of Lessons" which your Driving Instructor will issue once you successfully complete your lesson package!

    What does this discount mean to me?
  • Substantial savings on the cost of your first insurance! Insurance rates, benefits and policies are constantly changing. Using our 30 years’ experience and extensive market knowledge, we'll negotiate the best rate for you depending on your vehicle, age, occupation, licence and experience. Acceptance criteria, terms and conditions apply.

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Car Insurance

We will be more than happy to answer any questions or assist you to arrange your cover
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First Ireland Telematics Insurance

Telematics is literally a combination of the two words, telecommunications and informatics. Simply, it’s the technology of sending, receiving and storing information relating to a remote item.

For insurance purposes, this can be a “box” device which is fitted to a car which is why telematics insurance is more often referred to as “box insurance” or “black box insurance”. First Ireland Telematics Insurance, Boxclever by AIG Europe S.A , operates on this principle. The box device allows our insurer to assess the number of kilometres driven and driving behaviour over time.

This enables them to calculate a driving score which is used to accurately apply an individual premium rating at renewal time and to calculate good driver “reward kilometres”.

This is great news for safe drivers and offers a further option for new and experienced young drivers taking out their first insurance. With First Ireland Telematics Insurance, road rescue is automatically included as standard and you can also qualify for our exclusive DRIVEFirst discount by taking 10+ driving lessons with a First Ireland insured driving instructor.

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Our Affordable Young Drivers Insurance

  • Cover from Age 17 years

  • Provisional or Full Licence

  • Good deals for additional young drivers

  • Cars up to 20 years old

  • Discounts for Named Experience

  • Refunds for passing test mid-policy

  • Claims & Convictions

  • Direct debit payment options

  • Access to our DRIVEFirst Program

Young Drivers Insurance Claims

We offer a Full Claims Advice and handling Service, and are here to help you every step of the way. We will also help you get the best possible settlement if you do. With First Ireland you are also not alone in the event of making a claim against a third party – we have a specialist service to help you right through to claim settlement, including recovery of your uninsured losses.
    What to do in the event of an accident:
  • Make sure no one is injured. If you have any doubts ring the emergency services.

  • Get the registration numbers of the other vehicle(s) involved.

  • Get the insurance details (insurer and policy number) from their insurance disc(s).

  • Get the phone numbers of the other people involved.

  • Contact details and insurance information of anyone else involved.

  • Contact details of any witnesses or Gardai (or other police if abroad).

  • If possible, try to take some photos of the scene using your mobile phone (from a safe place).

  • Ring us and report the claim as soon as possible.

  • Don't admit liability, even if you think the accident is your fault.

  • Don't move your vehicle until it is safe to do so.

  • to help with accidents.

    What to do in the event of theft:
  • Contact your local Garda Station immediately to report the theft.

  • Ask the Gardai for their case Reference number, contact person and contact details (if they don’t have it yet, they will post it out to you).

  • Ring us and report the theft as soon as possible, and will we take it from there.

    Windscreen Claims:
  • Call us to check your approved repairer for windscreen damage

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