Car Insurance for Women

We’ll search 17 insurers to find you our best price but we do understand that price is not the only consideration for female drivers.

Through our approved panel of insurers, we can provide car insurance quotes for women with a wide range of optional features and benefits such as windscreen cover, full bonus protection, personal effects cover and more to give you piece of mind in the event of an unforeseen incident.

Low Cost Lady Driver Car insurance

Historically, ladies car insurance in Ireland was cheaper than their male counterparts as insurance companies considered female drivers to be safer drivers. Following the implementation of gender equalisation legislation in 2012, insurers can no longer use gender as a reducing premium factor for car insurance, whether it’s for women or for men.

At First Ireland, we still value safer no claim drivers, and can offer no claim bonus discounts of up to 65% for 5+ year’s claim free driving in your own name. Other factors that may reduce the price of female motor insurance is age, driving experience, the type of vehicle to be insured, where the car is parked up overnight and the policy excess selected.

This is good news for lady drivers as it means it is still possible to find cheap car insurance for women in Ireland and this is where we can help!

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As a First Ireland car insurance policyholder you will have access to our extra benefit package, AdvantageFirst.

AdvantageFirst includes First Ireland Rescue, First Ireland Uninsured Loss Recovery Service, First Ireland Total Loss/Vehicular Theft Replacement Car Facility, First Ireland Uninsured Drivers Excess Payment

This benefit package is in addition to the benefits provided by your underwriter.

Call us today to learn more about AdvantageFirst and how it can add extra value to your car insurance policy.

Car Insurance Claims

We offer a Full Claims Advice and handling Service, and are here to help you every step of the way. We will also help you get the best possible settlement if you do. With First Ireland you are also not alone in the event of making a claim against a third party – we have a specialist service to help you right through to claim settlement, including recovery of your uninsured losses.
    What to do in the event of an accident:
  • Make sure no one is injured. If you have any doubts ring the emergency services.

  • Get the registration numbers of the other vehicle(s) involved.

  • Get the insurance details (insurer and policy number) from their insurance disc(s).

  • Get the phone numbers of the other people involved.

  • Contact details and insurance information of anyone else involved.

  • Contact details of any witnesses or Gardai (or other police if abroad).

  • If possible, try to take some photos of the scene using your mobile phone (from a safe place).

  • Ring us and report the claim as soon as possible.

  • Don't admit liability, even if you think the accident is your fault.

  • Don't move your vehicle until it is safe to do so.

  • to help with accidents.

    What to do in the event of theft:
  • Contact your local Garda Station immediately to report the theft.

  • Ask the Gardai for their case Reference number, contact person and contact details (if they don’t have it yet, they will post it out to you).

  • Ring us and report the theft as soon as possible, and will we take it from there.

    Windscreen Claims:
  • Call us to check your approved repairer for windscreen damage

Car Insurance F.A.Q.

What is meant by Open Driving?

Open driving is a benefit which is provided on SOME car policies that enables a person who is not a named driver to drive your car with your permission under your insurance. Normally some restrictions apply, such as drivers must hold a Full Irish Driving Licence and be aged between 30 and 75. Rules and restrictions can vary between each insurer but will always be noted on your Certificate of Insurance once you have the Open Driving benefit.

Can I drive someone else’s car under my insurance?

“Driving of Other Cars” is an extension to a policy which enables the policy holder to drive someone else’s car. Normally the cover is restricted to Third Party Only which in simple terms means that you are legally covered to drive another car under your own insurance but any damage you do to the car you are driving is not covered. Restrictions and exclusions may vary between various insurance providers, for example you may only have this cover if you are over a certain age or are driving “another” car up to a certain value or engine size. Always check whether this cover applies to you on your Certificate of Insurance or check with your provider.

Can I Drive “someone else’s car” if I am a named driver on a Car Insurance Policy.

The simple answer is ‘No’. The “Driving of Other Cars” extension only applies to the Policyholder.

Can I include another driver on my policy?

Most insurers will allow you to include another driver on your policy on a permanent or temporary basis provided the driver fits standard underwriter criteria. A time restriction of 30 days normally applies for temporary drivers. Additional premiums may apply in both circumstances and cover must be confirmed by your insurer. Including your spouse or co-habiting partner on your policy could actually reduce your premium as you may qualify for restricted driver discounts.

CAm I covered to tow a trailer under my insurance policy?

Most insurers provide “Third Party Only” cover for an insured driver to tow an attached trailer once the driver’s licence permits it. This is noted under the “Liability to Others” section of your car insurance policy and the trailer must be used in accordance with the vehicle and trailer manufacturers’ specifications and instructions. Some restrictions may apply such as the type, capacity and load of the trailer so you should check your policy document or with your insurer to clarify the extent of cover provided by your policy.

What is a Policy Excess?

An excess is the amount of money which you pay in the event of a claim to your policy and is normally deducted from the total claim settlement. Excesses may vary and could be higher in certain situations, for example a claim involving a young driver. The excess amount for each type of claim will be listed in your Policy Booklet/Schedule. .

Am I covered to drive my car in Europe?

Normally your policy covers you to drive in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Great Britain, Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands. Most car insurers will extend your existing policy to cover you to drive in any EU or EEA member state country for up to 31 days. Details as to the extent of cover, if applicable to your policy, will be noted in your policy documentation. It is best to check what cover applies with your insurer prior to your departure, particularly if road rescue assistance is included with your policy as this benefit may not apply whilst you are driving abroad.

Is Windscreen Cover included on my policy?

Windscreen cover provides cover for the repair or replacement cost of a damaged windscreen and comes as an additional benefit on most comprehensive policies and sometimes as an optional paid benefit on third party fire and theft policies. If this cover applies to your policy, then normally you’re covered for the full repair or replacement cost of your windscreen provided you use your insurer’s approved repairer. Generally, claims for a damaged windscreen will not affect your no claims bonus but you should check the cover applicable to your policy with your insurer prior to initiating a claim.

What is a No Claims Bonus?

A no claims bonus is the discount you earn for every year you are insured and do not make a claim on your policy. Each insurer’s discount scale varies. Typically you can earn at least 10% for 1 year and 50% for 5 years claim free. Some Insurers will give extra discounts for up to 9 years claim free driving in your own name so be sure to mention this when you’re getting a quote.

What happens to my No Claims Bonus if I have a claim?

Technically you could lose your entire no claims bonus if you have a claim. Most of our policies include some level of step back bonus protection, whether it be “Step Back Bonus Protection” or “Full No Claim Bonus Protection”. The level of protection should be specified on your policy schedule.

Can I earn a No Claim Bonus as a Named Driver?

No - it is only the policyholder that can earn a no claim bonus. However, if you have been named on a private car or company car policy for at least one year, then First Ireland may be able to offer you an introductory no claims discount provided you’ve been driving claim free.

What is “Step Back Bonus Protection”?

If your policy includes “Step Back Bonus Protection”, then only part of your bonus is lost or “stepped back” following a single claim. The level which your bonus is stepped back is dependent on your insurer. For example, if you have a 5 years no claim bonus and your policy has a 2 year step back, then your bonus will reduce by 2 years which means you should be entitled to a 3 year no claim bonus discount at your next renewal.

What is “Full Bonus Protection”?

Most insures have an option to fully protect your No Claim Bonus by paying an extra premium once you’re claim free and have the required level of earned No Claim Bonus. Some insurers may include limits on the number of claims, the value and type of claims you can make without effecting your no claim bonus. However, it is worth mentioning that if you are moving to a different insurance provider, then you will need to disclose all claims, regardless of whether your bonus was protected at the time of claim.

Can I use a “No Claim Bonus” that is earned outside of the Republic of Ireland?

Whilst the majority of Irish insurers only accept a No Claims Bonus earned within the Republic of Ireland, First Ireland may be able to honour a No Claim Bonus earned in an EU country or other agreed country provided the expiry date is less than 2 years. If so, acceptance and validation of your foreign No Claims Bonus will be required prior to granting cover.

Can I use my “No Claim Bonus” on more than one car?

Unfortunately not. You will need to earn a separate no claims bonus for each policy you have. However First Ireland may be able to offer you an introductory discount on a second vehicle.

Do I need Business Use on my policy?

Anyone who drives their own car for the purposes of their work will need to include some element of business use on their policy. This is different to “social domestic and pleasure use” which is included on most policies and covers travel to and from the policyholder’s permanent place of work. There are a number of options to cover a variety of business uses so it is best to discuss your needs with your insurance provider.

Can I get a quote if I don’t know the registration number?

Yes, you can call us or get an indicative online price by selecting the exact make and model manually. However we will need the registration number to provide you with an accurate quotation.

Can I get still get a quote if I haven’t bought the car yet?

Yes, you can still get a quote. However you will not be able to arrange a policy in your name until you take ownership of the car as you must own the vehicle that you are insuring.

Do I have to list non fault claims when I’m getting a quote?

Yes, all incidences and claims in the last 5 years regardless of fault must be disclosed including windscreen claims. Insurers may require further clarification if there are a combination of claims both inside and outside of the 5 year period.

Does the mileage I do in my car affect my insurance price?

Yes. Insurers calculate insurance premiums based on risk. The chances of you having a motor related claim are increased the longer and more frequently you are behind the wheel. This is why mileage can impact premium so it is best to have calculated your annual mileage to avoid over-estimating your usage.

What does a “Gap in Cover” mean?

A “gap in cover” occurs when the expiry date of your policy is before the inception date of your current policy. Most insurers will not honour a no claim bonus of a policy if the expiry date is greater than two years. Insurers will require you to complete a “Gap in Cover Declaration” which confirms you have not been involved in any incident or accident during the “gap” time.

Where do I send my documents needed for cover?

Most documentation needed for your new insurance policy can be emailed to us with the exception of your No Claim Bonus. You will need to sign your original no claims bonus and send it to us: First Ireland House, 15 Park Gate Street, Dublin 8, D08W866.
All documents are required within 14 days of arranging your policy to ensure continuance of cover.

How can I reduce the price of my car insurance quote?

Use a Broker: Using a broker not only saves you time, it could also save you money. First Ireland is one of the largest Irish owned brokers in Ireland and we will search prices from 17 insurers on your behalf. We are also on hand to offer advice in order to get you the cover you need at our cheapest price.

Picking the right car: Choosing the right car has a big impact on your insurance price. Opt for a car with a smaller engine size as opposed to a more powerful car which will cost more to insure. Whether your car is an import or the age of your car can also affect your premium. Some insurers decline to quote imported cars or quote for cars that are over 10 years old. Always check the cost of insurance before you sign on the dotted line or call First Ireland for an immediate quote.

Adding Drivers: Believe it or not, including a mature named driver could save you money. Whilst adding a spouse/co-habiting partner or a parent gives you peace of mind that someone else is covered to drive your car, it could also reduce the cost of your premium.

Second Car Discount: If your spouse or co-habiting partner has full time use of their own private car, then you could qualify for a second car policy/discount, depending on your insurance details. Also, if you’re a young driver living with a parent who has their own car, then this may also qualify you for a discount so be sure to advise this at the time of your quote.

Excess: An excess is the amount you pay in the event of a claim and is typically around €250 - €500. Some insurers give a discount for accepting a higher excess. This effectively means you are absorbing some of the risk yourself but only in the event that there is a claim to your policy.

Two Policies with the Same Insurer: Some insurers may give a discount on your motor insurance if you have home insurance with them and vice versa, so it is wise to mention this at quote stage.

Occupation: What you do for a living is taken into account when calculating a premium. Each insurer appoints a premium rating to each style of occupation so whilst there are no specific discounts, it is important to be as specific as possible to ensure the correct rating is applied for you.

Overnight Parking: Parking your car in your garage or driveway could reduce your premium as opposed to parking at the side of the road where your car is more exposed to theft or damage.

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