Classic Car Quote Assumptions

    The Proposer should:
  • be the legal owner and main user of the vehicle.

  • be currently resident in the Republic of Ireland and have permanently resided in the Republic of Ireland.

  • disclose all material information for all drivers (i.e. information likely to influence the assessment and acceptance of your Proposal).

  • providing false information could result in claims not being paid and/or your policy being treated as null and void.

  • be a genuine classic car enthusiast and a member of a classic car club.

    All Drivers should:
  • be aged 25 years or more.

  • hold a full licence (with the exception of the policyholder spouse).

  • not suffer from any medical condition which may affect their ability to drive, unless notified to and approved by the Licence authority.

  • not have had a proposal declined, cancelled, refused or special terms imposed by an insurer.

    The Vehicle MUST NOT:
  • be less than 20 years old.

  • be used to carry corrosive, toxic, explosive or flammable goods.

  • be used in airports.

  • be used for hire or reward or the carriage of other people’s goods.

  • be used for the carriage of people for Hire and Reward – (taxi, hackney, chauffer, vehicle hire).

  • be used for Delivery.

  • be used for Driving Instruction or Tuition.

  • be used for Embassy / Diplomatic Service.

  • be modified unless to cater for a disability.

  • be mass produced. (Car types such as a Fiat Punto do not qualify under our classic car scheme).

  • be the proposers only vehicle.

    Driving Experience:
  • Any No Claims Bonus entitlement must be in your own name and the expiry date must be within 2 years from cover date.

  • Any Named Driving experience will be quoted on an indicative basis only and these quotes will be subject to Insurers acceptance and variable expiry date criteria.

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