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Planning For Your 'Future Fun' Fund

Pensions – It sounds boring so First Ireland prefer to call this your ‘Future Fun’ Fund.

  • Planning for your ‘Future Fun’ Fund is one of the wisest investment decisions you will ever make.
  • There is a simple and tax-efficient way of investing money for your Future.

So how much Fun do you wish to have? Whether you are in the early years of employment, nearing retirement or have retired contact us today

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Company Owners

  • For Company Owners pension funding is one of the most effective tax shelters
  • Transfer company profits into a fund that grows tax free for your personal benefit
  • Choose from a range of investment strategies available - Deposit Accounts – Risk Managed Multi Asset Funds - Personal Share Trading & More
So whether you wish to start taking advantage of this now or wish to review your current arrangements contact us today.


  • The Government will pay up to 41% of the contributions towards your own personal fund
  • No DIRT or Capital Gains Taxes on the growth in your fund
  • You can choose the level of investment risk you are comfortable taking

Find out how you can avail of this opportunity to take advantage of the tax-breaks that are available to you contact us today.