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Business Prospers

No matter what business sector you are in, your company’s ongoing success and development will often depend on a number of key individuals.

We help our clients set their objectives, achieve their goals and make good financial decisions now and in the future.

What is the future that you desire? What would happen to the business if it were to lose a Keyperson, Shareholder or Partner through their premature death or diagnosis of a serious illness?

With the loss of such experience, knowledge and management expertise, the business may suffer a fall in revenue, increased costs and threats to future income.

Shareholder Partnerships

  • The death of a Company Director/Partner will have a serious impact on both the surviving Directors/Partners and the deceased’s successor.

  • Shareholder/Partnership Protection will provide a lump sum which will enable the remaining parties to purchase the deceased’s shareholding.

  • Ensures the remaining parties retain control of the company/partnership whilst ensuring that the deceased’s next-of-kin get fair value for their shareholding.

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Key Person Protection

The financial impact on the death or illness of a key person (company owner or employee) can be felt through:
  • Loss of profits / loan repayments

  • Loss of key relationships

  • Recruiting a replacement person

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