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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Insurer, AIG has listed the answers to their most Frequently Asked Questions. However it is important that you check your own policy schedule and document to clarify the cover applying to your own policy.

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If you have a question which is not answered or if you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact AIG directly.

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AIG are committed to providing you with exceptional customer service however, if you have a complaint or enquiry please get in touch.

I have a medical condition. Can I buy your travel insurance?

You can still buy our travel insurance but it is important to note that you may not be covered for some existing illness or medical conditions. Please ensure you read the terms of our Pre-Existing Medical Condition Clause carefully to ensure that this insurance is suitable for your needs.

What is meant by Pre-Existing Condition?

“Pre-existing condition” refers to injury, sickness, disease, illness or other medical condition that you knew about or should have known about before you bought this insurance. For a complete description of Pre-Existing Conditions, please refer to the general exclusions on page 6 of your Travel Insurance Policy Document.

Do I have to buy Travel Insurance at any specific time?

Yes. To protect your own interests you should purchase Travel Insurance cover at the same time you purchase your travel package. You can buy it at a later date but it will not cover events which have already occurred.

Do age restrictions apply?

This website is unable to provide quotes to persons aged 79 and over. However, we can provide quotations to persons aged 79 and over if they contact us directly. Special rates and conditions may apply. We can be contacted at or on 1800 344 455. Our lines are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

What age categories and benefits apply to children?

Under our Single Trip Insurance there is a special “Family Rate” which covers two parents and up to four of your dependant children up to 18 years at the time of purchase and named on the schedule. If you chose to purchase our Annual Multi Trip Insurance up to four dependant children up to 18 years are covered free of charge provided they are named. Any additional children are charged for. On all products children receive the same benefits as adults, apart from the Permanent Total Disablement benefit, which does not apply. The death benefit is €7,000 for children under 16 years.

Must children be accompanied by their parents to qualify for Travel Insurance cover?

No, but it is a requirement of this insurance that they meet up with parents, guardian or relatives on reaching their non stop destination.

What is the maximum duration of a period of travel under the Annual Multi Trip cover?

The maximum duration of any one period of travel must not exceed 31 days for Budget Insurance, 45 days for Premier Insurance or 60 days for Premier Plus Insurance. If the insurance you have purchased exceeds these durations your cover ceases on the final day of the trip limit. The period of travel must start and finish in the Republic of Ireland.

Is there a limit as to the number of trips I can make under the Annual Multi Trip cover?

No, as long as each period of travel does not exceed the duration specified in the insurance you have purchased, you can travel as many times as you like. However, if you go on a trip that exceeds the specified trip duration, your cover ceases on the final day of the trip limit, and you should purchase Single Trip Insurance to cover this trip specifically. No single trip should last longer than 31 days under Budget Insurance, 45 days under Premier Insurance or 60 days under Premier Plus Insurance.

Will my Annual Multi Trip Insurance renew automatically?

If you agreed to automatic renewal when purchasing your Travel cover, your card will be billed when your renewal is due. An email will be issued before your policy is due to renew. You can opt out anytime by contacting our customer services team at or on 1800 344 455.

Who do I contact in the event of a medical emergency?

In the event of a medical emergency, you must contact AIG Assistance Services within 48 hours. They must authorise payment of all in-patient hospital, clinic or nursing home expenses, emergency repatriation or curtailment expenses. Unauthorised claims may not be paid, so please contact them as soon as possible on 00 44 1243 621 508.

Who do I contact in the event of a claim (other than medical emergencies) under my policy?

Any occurrence or loss which may give rise to a claim should be advised immediately to Segwicks Ireland Travel Claims, Merrion Hall, Strand Road, Dublin 4. Telephone 01 261 1540. Claim forms can be downloaded here.