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First Ireland announce acquisition by Gallagher

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I insure my home or buildings for?

How much should I insurer my contents for?

Can I cover items I bring outside of my home?

Do I need to give an itemised list of all my contents?

Should I include Accidental Damage?

What is an Excess?

What discounts can I avail of?

What do I do if my property becomes unoccupied?

What cover levels are available?

Can I insure a pet of any age?

Does an excess apply to my policy?

If my pet has been ill before, will this be covered by my insurance policy?

When does my cover begin on my policy?

What is complementary treatment?

Can I include overseas insurance for pets?

Do you only insure cats and dogs?

Can I get a discount for more than one pet?

Is there a discount for having my pet micro-chipped?

Will this insurance pay my vet fees directly?

How to Make A Claim