Am I due a refund?

You may have heard recent reports in the media that several insurers have made the decision to introduce a refund to car insurance policy holders in recognition of falling traffic levels as a result of the restrictions put in place to mitigate the potential impact of Covid-19, which has reduced the number of vehicle journeys and the level of motor claims.

This is a very welcome decision and we are delighted that any benefit of the reduction in claims shall be passed on to our Clients.

While several insurers have committed to a refund, other Insurers have not yet confirmed if they are in the position to process any refund and therefore discussions are still on going until a concrete decision has been made.

Those insurers that have now committed to issuing a refund are currently working through the practical logistics of how this refund shall be calculated and issued to Clients. Due to the current pandemic, it may be a matter of weeks before this is finalised and we are in a position to update you as to whether or not you shall receive a rebate and if so, exactly how much and how it will be processed for you.

Please bear with us as we continue to work hard on your behalf to finalise matters with our panel of Insurers and most importantly please stay safe during these difficult times.

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