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What can we learn from the 50 worst Passwords?

So, password eh? Well, we did say these are dead – it is true passwords are dead. But… not as dead as we would all wish, not everywhere we can use multi-factor authentication or biometrics. In fact, even with multi-factor authentication, you will still use some form of a password and in reality, it is a good idea to use some good opposed to bad ones!

But.. what exactly is a bad password? Or how we define bad passwords?

Well, we can talk about it for hours how using your name as a password is bad, or how using 123456789 is not exactly a secure password .. or we can refer to SplashData annual list of worst passwords –
Quick analysis and what are we seeing? Another favourite of all administrators ‘admin’ is #12.

One of the new entries on the list – is… ‘donald’ on #23.
The worst, in 2018 -is ………. ‘123456’.
For this list, SplashData says it evaluated more than five million leaked passwords. But it shouldn’t be surprising that the enormous cache contained so many celebrity names, terms from pop culture and sports, and simple keyboard patterns.

Computing is getting faster and better. Brute force attacks are easy to conduct nowadays – and using dictionary words and simple keyboard patters is asking for trouble. But don’t take just my word for it – SplashData CEO Morgan Slain says, “using your name or any common name as a password is a dangerous decision”.

So our advice; have a look at the world worst passwords list – and if any of your passwords are there – change it and change it now. When thinking about password try to make it as long as possible, go 9 or 10 or more characters long. Use a random combination of upper and lower cases, numbers and special characters. Do not replace letters with numbers in common words – even though ‘P@55w0rd’ may look like a complicated if we check it using a tool from our previous post – we got result This password has been seen 2,849 times before.
Stay safe online!

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