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Top Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Van Running


One of the most essential parts of van maintenance is your van’s tyres. Tyres need to be regularly checked, especially before starting any journey. You need to perform a visual inspection to check if there is enough air in each tyre. In addition, you must check the tyre pressure regularly. It is extremely important to inspect your van tyres as they carry heavier weights and are put under more pressure than regular tyres. During your inspection, make sure to check for bulges, cuts in the sidewall, or any visible cord and missing or unsecure wheel-nuts. If you do find any of these, replace the tyre urgently. You can consult your manufacturer’s manual to find the correct tyre pressure for your van. Then, you can choose to visit a garage that has an air pressure machine or use a tyre pressure gauge.


Once you’ve checked that the windscreen washers work properly, inspect the washer’s fluid level. The washers should point to the windscreen and cover a big part of it with fluid. Make sure the wipers clean properly the windscreen. If they are not, you need to replace them. Lastly, inspect your windscreen for cracks. Even a tiny damage can be dangerous when you are driving, especially during storms and extreme weather conditions.

Engine & Battery

All parts under the bonnet, parts like your van’s engine, battery etc. should be checked by a qualified technician. But you still can perform some simple tasks to maintain your van’s performance between services. First, check if there are any leaks under your van. Try to understand from where the leak is coming from and visit a garage for a technician to investigate it and solve the issue. When checking your battery, investigate the condition of the terminals and cables for any worrying signs like cracks, breaks or built-up residue.


Your van’s doors are constantly used, opened and closed multiple times per day, that’s why this is an important task of van maintenance. Do a routine check by opening and closing to a full extent all the doors of your van (driver, passenger, rear and side).


Another van maintenance essential is the inspection of your van’s lights. Turn on all your lights, including your break lights to test if they are all working properly. If any of them is not working, replace the bulb. If it still doesn’t work, you need to take your van to a professional to inspect and fix the issue. You also need to make sure your lights are properly and regularly cleaned

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