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Travel Insurance should be your No. 1 priority for your next trip! And here is why!

We all can’t wait for the holidays to come! We always try to organise everything on time and make sure we don’t forget important things we need during our trips.

But sometimes, no matter how much time we spend to plan and organise our trip in advance, something happens that is out of our control. How can we make sure that even for all the unexpected things, we are still well prepared and that we still can enjoy our holidays?

The answer is Travel Insurance. It is fast, affordable and easy to get. And above all, it can protect you in case any of the below happens:

Trip cancellation

Travel Insurance can cover trip cancellations for reasons such as unforeseen emergencies as illness, injury or death of you, your traveling companion and/or a relative. The cover does not include cancellation due to business obligations, change of mind or your dislike of the travel time. In addition, pre-existing medical conditions are not covered.   Remember this cover starts from the moment you buy your travel insurance, so it’s important to buy it once your trip is booked, even if it’s not for a while, don’t get caught out by waiting till the last minute!

Medical expenses

Travel insurance can cover medical expenses related to injuries or unexpected illness, but it is important to note that you may not be covered for some existing illness or medical conditions.

Please ensure you read the terms of First Ireland Pre-Existing Medical Condition Clause carefully to ensure that this insurance is suitable for your needs. If you have private health insurance be sure to say so, as your quote will be cheaper if you have this.

Missing departure or connections

Travel Insurance will cover you in case you miss your departure due to conditions you cannot control like severe weather conditions, unexpected accidents, strikes etc.

Loss or theft of personal belongings

Travel Insurance offers cover for loss or theft of your personal belongings including your baggage, passport, personal money or travel documents. The insurance cover can reach up to €300 for loss of cash, while it can reach up to € 2,000 for loss of baggage .

Please note insurance does not cover any trip in, to or through the following countries; Afghanistan, Cuba, Liberia, or Sudan.

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When do you need to register your claim?

First Ireland offers a Full Claims Advice and handling Service and are here to help you every step of the way. It is important to know that you must register any claim within 31 days of your trip ending. If you do not, insurers may no be able to pay your claim. So, call us as soon as you can.

What should you do in case of a medical emergency?

In the event of a medical emergency, you must contact the Insurers Assistance Services within 48 hours. They must authorise payment of all in-patient hospital, clinic or nursing home expenses, emergency repatriation or curtailment expenses. Unauthorised claims may not be paid, so please contact them as soon as possible on 00 44 1243 621 508

IMPORTANT: Insurers require ORIGINAL documents. Please keep everything!

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