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Travel Guide: Visit Vienna 2019

Rounding off our journey up the great Danube river we’re taking a look at another top destination in central Europe. Vienna is just an hour and a half from Bratislava and 2 and a half hours from
Budapest meaning if you have enough time it’s easy to see all three of these cities in one trip. If you do plan to fit Vienna into your plans this Spring then these are some of the top sights to see.

Once the heart of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Vienna is home to some impressive palaces. The Schönbrunn Palace dates back to the 17th Century and has been home to much of the Habsburg family since. Today it is one of Vienna’s top attractions, with daily tours through some of its 1,441 rooms. See for yourself how Austrian royalty lived.

Schönbrunn Gardens

Behind the Palace you’ll find the Schönbrunn Gardens. The Garden is spread over a huge area and includes a hedge maze and labyrinth as well as the impressive Neptune’s Fountain. If you’re a fan of gardens, this is one to visit.

Hofburg Palace

If one giant palace isn’t enough to satisfy you you could always pay a visit to Hofburg Palace. Once again this was property of the Habsburg dynasty and for a long time was their seat of power under the Holy Roman Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The palace now serves as a presidential base for Austria. It is also home to a number of museums.

Vienna State Opera

Two things Vienna is most famous for are architecture and music. To find the perfect marriage of these two things you need look no further than the Vienna State Opera. Built in the 1860s this Neo-Renaissance style building looks more like another of the city’s palaces than an opera house or concert hall. There are daily tours if you just want to have a look around but if you want to attend a concert it is recommended to research to see what’s on and book ahead before your visit.


Rising to 252m this tower provides a number of functions for the city, with its radio transmitters and mobile phone antennae. However its observation deck also provides visitors with excellent views of the whole city, as do its two revolving restaurants.

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