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Keep Burglars at Bay this Spring

Summer is still a while away but the good news is the evenings are getting longer and weather is getting better. It’s great to make the most of this by getting out and about. However this can leave our homes vulnerable to burglars.

According to CSO crime statistics there was over 19,000 burglaries and related incidents across the 28 Garda Divisions in 2017. Many of us might expect burglars to come through side or rear windows. However the statistics from An Garda Síochána show that this not the case. For 29% of burglaries and related incidents the front door was the entry point. Close behind are rear doors and windows at 26% and 24% respectively.
Tips for Keeping Burglars Away

  • Arrange for a neighbour, friend or family member (someone you trust) to hold a key and check in at irregular times.
  • Advise your key-holder not to call to the house if your alarm goes off.
  • Leave blinds and curtains open to give the impression that someone is home.
  • Leave internal doors open.
  • Make a record of valuables in your home and keep them out of sight.
  • If you get regular deliveries (e.g. milk) be sure to cancel them before you go.
  • Be aware of what you and your family share on social media about your travel arrangements.
  • Never leave keys around doors, letterboxes or windows.

If you do come home to find your home has been burgled the first thing you should do is leave the premises as the intruder could still be inside. Call 112 and let the Gardaí come and ensure that the house is safe. The Gardaí may also carry out a forensic examination so it’s best not to disturb the scene until they have finished. Once they have finished make a detailed list of each lost or damaged item with an estimated value of each item.
Contact your insurance provider and using your detailed list file a claim for any lost or damaged property including doors and windows.

Everyone would like to believe their home is the safest place in the world. Unfortunately this may not always be the case. First Ireland can’t stop intruders invading your home but we can help minimize the cost of being a victim of burglary.

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