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First Ireland – DRIVEFirst Program for Young Drivers

Are you a first time Driver? First Ireland provides discounts to first time drivers between the ages of 17 to 24 years old. We work with a panel of Top Insurers in Ireland and negotiated discounts with them. We also offer Exclusive DRIVEFirst discount to first time drivers. You need to complete a course of 10+ lessons with a driving instructor insured with First Ireland and then you are entitled to our DRIVEFirst discount.

Bestinireland.com list First Ireland in the number 1 spot of the top 6 Car Insurers in Ireland.

How DriveFirst works

1.Sign Up for 10+ Courses!

You need to sign up for our 10+ driving lessons with a First Ireland Insured Driving Instructor. First step is to Call our DRIVEFirst team and ask for a quote. Mention the program to our team and our team will negotiate your discount.

2. Learn

After you have completed the driving lessons, you need to send us on your “Certificate of Lessons”. The certificate will be issued by your Driving Instructor once you have successfully completed the lesson package.

3. Save

With our DRIVEFirst scheme, your will be able to achieve substantial savings on your first insurance. We negotiate the best rate for your depending on your vehicle, age, occupation, license and experience. Please note that acceptance criteria and terms and conditions apply.


Telematics Insurance

Our telematics insurance is also under our DRIVEFirst program and qualifies for our exclusive discount. How Telematics insurance works?

Named Experience Discounts

We also offer car insurance deals for young drivers with a full licence or learner permit with and without driving experience. You can choose from either our standard car insurance option or our telematics package to get our cheapest young driver insurance deal.

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