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Cyber Mondays: What does Google Know about Me?

Today’s post will be short and scary…
With all the privacy, GDPR and other trendy topics out there in the big scary world – a lot of us hears about Tech Giants tracking or spying on you. But what does it actually mean?

Today we will look into THE tech giant we all know well and we all use daily – GOOGLE.
So the question is what google knows about you? Answer is very simple – A LOT. Even more if you are using a smartphone powered by Android. But don’t take just my word of it – thanks to progress in privacy laws and general awareness you can easily check it using tools provided by google.
So what to do ?

First log in to your google account. Then, while authenticated, go to these 3 links :

This link is my favourite one – based on what Google knows about you from your search history, your activities, your emails, your maps, and all other sources it is using it profiles you and delivers advertisement based on that profile. See how accurate they are…

This one – shows , if your tracking in turned on, where you’ve been.

And finally the log of all your searches and questions ask to google. If you’re google home or voice assistant users – you can check everything you did on this page.
Next week, on Cyber Monday cycle – I’ll write how to limit your exposure.

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