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Are smart locks smart enough? how to do your research

 IoT – Internet of Things is a fact, it is here, and it is here to stay. Smart homes are everywhere now – smart bulbs, smart sensors, smart speakers – everything is smart nowadays. 
But, there’s the question – does smart mean automatically secure? In this post, we are going to briefly and quickly look at, probably the most important part of our house security, locks – but we are, of course, zooming on ‘smart’ locks. Smart as key-less entry, fingerprint, pin code, mobile app, connected to the internet and various cloud services etc.

If you look online, you will find all sorts of solution to this problem – from pin pads thru fingerprint readers all the way to locks with mobile apps and cloud services – keys are no problem anymore. BUT – are these secure?  There’s no simple YES or NO answer to it – they can be, but also as recent examples show – they can be easier and quicker to bypass than any traditional lock.

With connected, digital, smart, cloud, IoT – or whatever way manufacturers want to call them – you as a user of a smart lock exposing yourself to another threat – it isn’t now just a skilled locksmith who can open your doors, not ‘just’ a burglar with determination and have crowbar – but also ( you thought I’ll say hacker, not at all) – a programmer who made a mistake, or used shortcut or didn’t follow the security principles – for example product called Ultraloq had serious flaws around their cloud service (more can be found here on the researchers blog who found the problem: ) another one Tapplock was breached by fairly simple app (same guys

So – are smart locks bad for you? No – but you MUST do your research – look at your overall security, check your doors and windows, make sure you have good and right home insurance. If you are planning to fit smart locks (which btw can be way more expensive) weight all the pro’s and con’s – do a good comprehensive research around manufacturer, their experience with connected devices AND with locks – very often for the price of the good smart lock you can buy superior traditional lock with multiple keys etc. Also, remember about the software updates – your smart lock is the exact type of electronic device as your laptop, PC or mobile phone so new flaws and bugs will be found – that’s just matter of time, you can count on it. Make sure your manufacturer is a company which have a good record of releasing updates and addressing these problems.

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