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Advice for Homeowners during Covid-19

Many things have changed in our everyday lives, during the past few weeks. Most of us work from home, we are only allowed to go out on certain occasions and our main focus is to stay safe.

Even though we spend most of our time in our homes and our safety focus is on the pandemic, there are other issues that have arisen during these times.

According to reports, homes are being watched, in some cases on a regular basis, to determine if occupants have any regular departure times from the property. Watchers monitor the houses and when the occupants are out exercising or shopping for groceries, criminals break-in and target cash and valuables.

Burglaries and break-ins have been reported on different areas of Ireland, mainly in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Kildare and Tipperary.

The advice from officials is to be alert, and consider varying your schedule, especially because movements are being limited due to the lockdown restrictions.

What homeowners should do:

  1. Be alert of potential criminals monitoring and watching your house for your regular exercise or shopping schedule.
  2. Make sure to inform Gardai about any unusual behaviour in your area.
  3. Unite with your community and take extra care for elderly neighbours in your area.
  4. Contact your Insurance advisor if you have questions regarding your Home Insurance.
  5. Keep your Home insurance up to date.
  6. Be aware of all the steps you need to take in case someone breaks in your home i.e. Call you local Gardai station or report the incident online.

If you are already insured with First Ireland and need to review any of your details or sums insured, please email us at If your home is not insured with us and you would like a quote, please email us at  or call us on 01 8820818, and we’d be delighted to provide you with a competitive quote and any advice you may need.

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