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8 ways to Digital De-clutter

Our modern lives are more digitised than ever before. Do you feel lost between hundreds of files, apps, e-mail accounts or digital docs? Here is what you need to do.

De-clutter your digital documents

Delete unnecessary documents and avoid keeping files thinking that you may need them in the future. In case you have a lot of documents, you can organise them by date or by project/theme. Make sure to keep titles and names of files consistent and simple so it is easy to separate them and easy to find them.


Unsubscribe from e-mail lists, newsletter, alerts etc. that you have been receiving for ages, but you never read. Another option is to update your preferences for the lists that you may still be interested in receiving in the future, but remove sections that you are no longer interested in.

Automate your email inbox

Create folders and make sure all emails that belong to a certain group or project end up on the respective folder. That will simplify your main inbox but also will me it easier for you to prioritize which email should get a respond first.

Organise images, photos, and videos

Do you keep old blur images or videos of poor quality? It is time to stop. Delete these images and keep all high-quality images in folder separated by date or location. You can also create different folders for images of high resolution and images taken from your phone.

De-clutter your social media profiles

Unfollow accounts, pages, or profiles that you are no longer interested in their content or their content is no longer relevant to you. Focus on accounts or pages that you visit frequently and their content is helpful and relevant to you.

Cut down on apps on your mobile phone or tablet

Delete all apps that you downloaded months ago but you still have not used or apps that are rarely used. That means that they are not engaging enough for you so chances are you will probably never use them. Organise your phone’s or tablet’s home with the apps you use the most. Create folders of apps with the same content: productivity apps, news apps, music apps or photo editing apps.

Organise your bookmarks

Organising your bookmarks will not only save you time but will also create a stress-less digital workspace . Remove bookmarks that you do not use and keep or add bookmarks of websites that you use on a regular basis daily or even weekly.

Delete accounts that you no longer use

Do you have 2, 3 or more e-mail accounts? Do you create accounts on online tools or websites that you never use? Now it is the time to delete all these accounts and save yourself time from receiving irrelevant news updates or e-mail alerts.

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