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Travel guide to Italy’s best villages

Mark Twain once said, “The Creator made Italy from designs by Michaelangelo”. Italy is a mix of history, culture, food, adventures and endless scenery. Everything comes together in one place in the Mediterranean. There are many places where you can discover the authentic Italian lifestyle, but there is nothing like the Italian coastline and its wonderful small villages.

Amalfi Coast

1. Amalfi

Amalfi is a small picturesque village on the Amalfi Coast. The green mountain scenery filled with colorful houses going up the hill can take your breath away. But the best details of this place come in the cobblestone streets where the freshly picked produce of vegetables and fruits fills you with their rich aroma, especially the famous lemons of the Amalfi coast. Here, you can find Italy at its best!

2. Positano

For many, Positano is the most beautiful village on the Amalfi coast. Whatever you choose to do in Positano, you will not get disappointed. You will have the chance to sunbath at the Marina Grande Beach where the sand has a black color due to the Vesuvio volcano’s previous activity. Or you can visit some of the less famous beaches, like Arienzo Beach and Fornillo Beach. Even better, you can rent a boat and enjoy the views of Positano from a different angle.

3. Ravello

Ravello is a small village on the top of a hill overlooking the south part of the Italian coastline. There are many things to do in Ravello but the The No. 1 site to see is Villa Rufolo. The Villa is home to wonderful gardens and small towers. One of the towers hosts a Museum that showcases the history of the Villa and its people. Don’t forget to walk around the cute central square of the village and enjoy a cappuccino the Italian way!

Italian Riviera

4. Portofino

This village is a crown jewel in the Italian riviera! You need to go and have the idyllic walk up the hill where you can get an incredible view to the Portofino marvelous port. Despite having thousands of visitors per year, Portofino has kept its essence and authenticity.

Lake Como

5. Varenna

Lake Como is one of the places you simply cannot miss in Italy. The lake is a base to numerous beautiful villages and hills, full of green scenery and mesmerizing views. Varenna is a small village on the grounds of the lake. You will get to watch the sunsets and the magnificent views of the Lake while enjoying a great glass of wine from the Lombardy region. Or, if you prefer, hop on lake tours to visit the other surrounding villages.

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