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5 Anti-Theft Tips to keep your car safe at all times

Keeping our car safe is a big concern for all of us. So here we have the best anti-theft tips on making sure our car is safe and our mind is in peace.

1. Don’t forget to lock your car

Always double-check that your car is locked before you leave. Make sure the doors and windows are shut even if you are going to be back in a few minutes. Usually, when we are in a rush, we forget to lock the doors or we may leave a window open, so this is the perfect opportunity every thief would be looking for.

2. Park safe

Park your car in a garage overnight. If this is not possible, use secure car parks whenever possible, ideally with monitored barriers, or park in busy, well-lit areas. Even when you park in outdoor areas, try to park your car in a way that it would be difficult to move the car as this would prevent thieves from stealing that particular vehicle. If you park in your driveway, park defensively. Try to make the access to the vehicle more difficult by parking the car as close to the property as possible.

3. Visible Security

The best opportunity for thieves to steal a car is when there is no visible security. Use an anti-theft device like a steering wheel or gear shift lock. A physical barrier like this can make your car less attractive to thieves.

4. Remove personal items

Never leave any personal items on display like phones, handbags, briefcases etc. It only takes thieves seconds to smash a car window. Try to keep your car tidy as untidy cars attract thieves. Also, don’t leave anything in your car with your name and address as then you could be exposing yourself in other types of fraud.

Close-up of a thief wearing balaclava breaking car window with crowbar. Car thief, car theft concept

Make sure your anti-theft device is visible as criminals will avoid vehicles that have visible devices.

5. Keep your keys in a secure place

Don’t forget to remove your keys from the ignition and always keep them secure. Thieves will look into your letterbox or even enter your house from the back door. People leave their keys unattended which makes it very easy for thieves to reach them.

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