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10 Steps you Should Take in Case of a Car Accident

Do you know what you should do in case you are involved in a car accident with another vehicle? What are the steps you should take and how can you make sure that you react quickly and effectively?

1. First of all – make sure no one is injured

Check to see if anyone is hurt or injured? If you have any doubts or are not sure how it should be handled, contact the emergency services.

2. Obtain the relevant registration number(s)

Take the registration numbers of the other vehicle(s) involved in the accident.

3. Gather the insurance details of the other party (ies)

Ask for the insurance details of the other party (ies) involved. You will need to have the insurer and policy number information from their insurance disc(s) to forward to your insurer.

4. Ask for the other party (ies) phone number(s)

Write down or save the phone numbers and contact details of the other party (ies) involved in the accident.

5. Contact details of any witnesses

You need to ask for permission to document the contact details of any person that witnessed the accident. In addition, if a Gardaí is called to the scene of the accident, ask for his/her contact details. If you are oversees you will need to document the contact details of the local police.

6. Try to take photos

Take some photos of the scene using your mobile phone. Make sure you are in a safe location when you take photos and try to avoid including the faces of individuals at the scene.

7. Ring your broker to report the claim

Contact your broker or insurer to report the claims as soon as possible after the car accident happened.

8. Don’t admit liability

You may think that the accident is your fault but it may not be and therefore you need to make sure you speak with experts before you admit any liability in relation to an accident.

9. Don’t move your vehicle

You need to be sure that your vehicle is in a safe condition and secure before moving it to another location and this should only be done after the Gardaí have arrived and assessed the accident scene.

10. Sketch your accident

Accident Sketch can help you design and sketch the scene of the accident including everyone that was involved. This will help you describe and present your aspect of what happened.

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